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Further guidance is available in the Defence Industry Skilling and STEM Strategy.

Study pathways to Defence Industry

Given the range of in-demand roles within Defence Industry, there are many pathways to a successful career. In particular, people with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills and training are highly sought-after, as are qualified tradespeople.

The Naval Shipbuilding College

Shipbuilding is a major part of Defence Industry. Thousands of people are required across the country, for decades to come, to design, build and maintain the future fleet.

The opportunities are across the entire shipbuilding ecosystem: from the major shipbuilding contractors and systems integrators to the local businesses contributing some of the millions of parts within the supply chain; to research, education and training organisations delivering the next generation of knowledge and skills.

The Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) offers support to students with FREE one-on-one careers guidance and advice to set you on the right course for a career in naval shipbuilding – from choosing your high school subject choices to university courses or apprenticeship pathways.

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Virtual Work Experience

The Defence Industry Virtual Work Experience Program is designed to provide an opportunity for students in Years 10 or 11 who may face geographic or other barriers to participating in traditional work experience to undertake collaborative, group Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) projects, including projects linked to real-world research and industry challenges.

Instead of students attending a work site, experienced STEM Defence Industry professionals will supervise groups of students remotely, using a secure online platform. The groups will comprise up to five students - who may be remote from each other - working together to complete tasks, which can be used as part of portfolios and to help inform their study and career plans.

The Defence Industry Virtual Work Experience Program will continue in 2023.


To be eligible to participate in Virtual Work Experience, students must be:

  • in Years 10 or 11, and aged 15-17 years for the duration of the work experience
  • enrolled in a school in Australia
  • able to commit to the designated days as specified by the supervisor (with students seeking approval from their school) and be supported by a teacher, parent or other approved adult in their physical location throughout their work experience project
  • Virtual work experience will be run by the Department of Defence in conjunction with Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO.

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