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Working in Defence Industry

What is it like to work in Defence Industry? Like many sectors, Defence Industry is made up of a number of employers - ranging in size from small local businesses, to large multinationals - and plenty of people working in a wide variety of roles both ‘on the tools’ and behind the scenes. With access to major projects, significant investment and cutting edge technology, a career in Defence Industry is like nothing else.

Adjacent Industries

Workers from these industries are likely to have highly transferable skills, making them ideal candidates to transition to a career in Defence Industry.

Advanced manufacturing

Upskilling and Retraining

Many roles in Defence Industry utilise transferable skills from other industries; however, if you are interested in building more specialised skills, check out some of the training options available to you.

Naval Shipbuilding needs you!

The Government’s Naval Shipbuilding College can help workers identify what specialist or bridging training is required to transition into a new career in shipbuilding.

The 2017 Naval Shipbuilding and Sustainment Plan anticipates a required workforce of around 15,000 people across new vessel acquisition, sustainment and the supply chain.

To learn how you may be involved in naval shipbuilding please register your interest through the Naval Shipbuilding College website.

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Government Support and Grants

The Government is working in partnership with SMEs and leading defence companies to support upskilling and retraining workers.

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